Broken AVI File Repair Software

  • A highly recommended tool to fix corrupt AVI video files
  • Quickly scans the input video files and returns a healthy AVI file
  • A read-only tool that will not cause any modifications to the original AVI content
  • Supports repairing damaged AVI files on system drives, external drives, SSD, USB drives, memory cards etc.


Nowadays, AVI is one of the most widely used multimedia container formats. Actually, AVI is the acronym of Audio Video Interleaved which was initially developed by Microsoft. Today, all popular media players support AVI playback. A lot of compression techniques are used to encode audio and video tracks in AVI files. There is an advanced version of AVI file which is known as DIV AVI in which video is compressed according to the latest Digital Video Formats.

Although AVI files are quite popular, they are prone to corruption. Due to various reasons, your valuable AVI files can get broken and become unplayable in your favorite media players. You have to repair broken AVI files using an AVI repair tool in order to resolve this issue.

What are the Reasons for Broken AVI?

  • Downloading Errors: Several errors which can occur while downloading an AVI file from a network location can lead to file damage or corruption. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) error is a good example of this.
  • Conversion Failure: Suppose your attempt to convert an AVI file to another format got failed. It can lead to the damage of that AVI file especially if you have used unreliable tools for such a conversion.
  • Unreliable Recovery Tools: Just consider that you have deleted some of your AVI files accidentally. If you are using untrustworthy tools to recover those files, the recovered files can get corrupt.

There is no need for any tension if your AVI files got broken because you can repair broken AVI files efficiently with the help of AVI File Repair Software. This tool has a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) which enable you to fix corrupt AVI files which got corrupt due to any reasons. Thumbnail preview of repaired AVI files is one of considerable features of AVI File Repair software which is helpful to evaluate the effectiveness of demo version of this tool. This preview provides some additional file attributes such as file name, file size, codec, track info, frame rate, etc.

More Features of AVI File Repair Software

  • This tool is not just applicable to AVI files; files encoded with DivX, XVID and many more can be repaired using this tool if corrupted.
  • Fixing broken AVI files using this tool can be accomplished within four simple steps. These steps are self- explanatory also.
  • AVI File Repair software is a read only tool which does not make any changes to the original broken AVI file. Instead, it creates a new copy of that AVI file after extracting and repairing contents from the original file.
  • It can repair AVI header which got damaged due to virus attack or by the use of unreliable players.
  • This tool separates audio and video streams of a broken AVI file and repairs those streams individually. After repair, it adjoins those streams to a healthy file.
  • You can repair corrupt AVI files on all the latest versions of Windows or Mac computers. It supports even Mac Yosemite and Windows 10.
  • This software supports different storage devices like hard drives, flash memory cards, pen drives, iPods, etc.
  • If users encounter any doubt while using this tool, they can contact technical support team either by live chatting or by submitting support tickets. It is completely free of cost.   

Steps to Repair Broken AVI Files

Step 1: Download and install AVI Repair tool on your Windows or Mac computer and launch the utility. “Browse” for the broken AVI file on from its home screen and click “Repair”.

Repair Broken AVI Files- Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen


Step 2: Scanning for file repair will start now. After successful repair, you can preview the repaired file contents as shown in Figure 2.

Fix Corrupt AVI Files- Preview File

Figure 2: Preview File


Step 3: If you are satisfied with the preview result, you can purchase the full version of this product for saving repaired file.

Fixing Broken AVI Files- Save File

Figure 3: Save File