How to Repair AVI Header File?

“Hi, I have recently downloaded an AVI file from internet. Now I am in doubt whether that file got downloaded completely or not. The reason behind this doubt is none other than the AVI file is unplayable on any media players. I tried to play that file on several media players. I had read from an article about AVI file header damage. I assume that, it can be the reason for my AVI file corruption. Can anybody tell me a way to repair AVI header with the help of any video repair tools? ”

AVI file format is based on RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) which contains an RIFF header followed by zero or more lists or chunks. As you already know, header is the most important part of an AVI file. It can get damaged due to various reasons. A few of them are discussed below.

Use of unreliable Media Players: If you are using untrustworthy media players for playing AVI files on your computer, it is a sufficient reason for corruption of AVI header. You have to fix AVI header of that file in order to make it playable.

Forced Conversion of AVI Files: Say for example you are converting an AVI file into an unsupported format using a third party tool. Then there are chances in which the header of your AVI files getting corrupt. Use of improper conversion techniques is also other reason for this.

Absence of Required Codec Files: If your media file does not support the codec which is used to compress the AVI file, that AVI file will not will playable on such a media player and sometimes attempt to play that particular file on that specific player will corrupt the header of AVI.

Bad Sectors: Your hard drive sectors can become bad (damaged) due to various hardware as well as software reasons. If your AVI files are stored on bad sectors of a hard drive, header of such files may get corrupt.    

Unreliable Video Editors: The use of unreliable video editor tool also reveals the need for fixing AVI file header as such an editor tool is capable of damaging an AVI header completely. 

All of the above mentioned scenarios of AVI header corruption can be effectively resolved with the help of AVI File Repair Tool within a few simple steps. It is capable of recovering different AVI files encoded with top compression methods.

More Features of AVI Repair Tool

  • You can make use of this tool to repair AVI header that got damaged due to incompatibilities of media players in an effective manner.
  • AVI Repair Tool gives a preview a repaired AVI file before saving that file into a secure location.
  • You can view track information, codec details, frame rates, size and thumbnail of repaired file through preview browser for evaluating the results of file repair using this software.
  • This tool can repair AVI header by separating audio and video streams of an AVI file to repair them individually. Later these streams are adjoined to make a healthy file.
  • Free technical support is available to all who used this software.
  • Various Windows and Mac operating systems are supported by this software to repair damaged AVI header.      
  • This tool supports various storage devices like hard drives, USB flash drives, flash memory cards, etc. 
  • AVI Repair tool is completely read-only.  

Note: DivX is a popular compression technique which is used to compress video tracks in many types of container formats like AVI. Due to various error, files created using DivX file can get damaged (Not just AVI file). If you are the one who faces this kind of DivX damage, then don’t worry; you can perform DivX file repair using this AVI File Repair tool without involving any complex methods.

Steps to Repair AVI Header

Step 1: Download and install AVI Repair tool on your Windows or Mac computer and launch the utility. “Browse” for the corrupt AVI file on from its home screen and click “Repair”.

Repair AVI Header- Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen


Step 2: Scanning for file repair will start now. After successful repair, you can preview the repaired file contents as shown in Figure 2.

Fix AVI Header- Preview File

Figure 2: Preview File


Step 3: If you are satisfied with the result, you can purchase the full version of this product for saving repaired file to desired location of the hard drive.

Fixing AVI File Header- Save File

Figure 3: Save File