MOV is a technologically advanced audio visual file format for QuickTime Media player. Operating Systems like Windows XP, MAC, and other new Operating System supports MOV file format. The latest version of QuickTime Media player is QuickTime X and it is supported only by Mac OS. MOV file contains usually one or more tracks which stores in audio, video, effects, etc. Each track either comprises a digitally-encoded media stream or a data reference to the media stream traced in a different file. Videos taken in smartphones, digital camera, can be saved in MOV file format. Sometimes unluckily your MOV files get degraded or corrupted due to faulty media player or abrupt termination of the system while your MOV files were being played. No need to get worry if your MOV file get corrupted. This efficient tool can surely support you to repair bad MOV files. This article provides you brief explanation about the MOV File Repair Software. Download the software to find how to fix bad MOV file using MOV File Repair Software.

Common Circumstances that makes your MOV file corrupted

  • Improper file conversion: Most of the media player supports only particular kind of file format. If you want to open your MOV file in any media player which doesn’t support MOV file format, then you have to convert the MOV file to some other file format. For the MOV file conversion if you are using any improper conversion tool, then it will corrupt your MOV file badly. Repair bad MOV file tool can help you in this situation.
  • Interruptions:
    • Due to the sudden power surge or abrupt termination of your pc, if MOV files being opened at that time then it is very vital to go for bad MOV repair software.
    • If you want to transfer any of your MOV file from your pc to any other external device or vice versa, you should connect the device properly and disconnect it after completing transfer of your MOV file. If you try to remove the connected device from your system while transferring file, then it leads to corruption of file. MOV file repair tool can help you in performing bad MOV file repair.
    • Interruption may occur while sending or receiving MOV video files via internet, which also leads to corruption of file. Bad MOV repair software is the best solution to repair bad MOV video.
  • Faulty Firmware: Bad sectors in the system or the improper media player make damages in your MOV files. You can repair bad MOV file using this particular MOV File Repair Software.
  • Video Editing Tools: Video editing tool can be used to make changes in the video in MOV file format. The incorrect way of editing or bad video editing tool leads to corruption of MOV file.
  • Virus Infection/Malware Attack: Virus in the system may affect the MOV files saved in the PC. It corrupts the MOV file severely. Repair bad MOV file tool can repair all the MOV file which gets corrupted due to virus.
  • Incomplete download: If you are not able to download the complete MOV file from internet due to the poor internet connection then it leads to corruption of MOV files.

Special features of the MOV File Repair Software

  • It is very easy to repair bad MOV file which get corrupted due to faulty firmware.
  • Repair MOV file tool can repair bad MOV files in less time and it is very user friendly because of its best GUI.
  • It also facilitate you to repair Kodak MOV files which are corrupted or damaged due to varied reasons. You can easily play Kodak MOV files with utmost ease.
  • Repair bad MOV file software can also use to repair MP4, AVI, MP3, etc. file format.
  • Bad MOV repair software,repairs the audio and video separately to ensure the security of your MOV file.
  • Corrupted MOV files can be repaired using bad MOV file repair tool, it can also repair MOV files which are not able to open in media player.
  • It is possible to repair video file of MOV format even if it is in compressed format or with huge in size.

Steps to use MOV File Repair Software

Step 1: Download and install the MOV file Repair software,then choose a bad MOV file to repair,choose one reference MOV file too.Open each file and select “open” optionto select the file to repair.Click on Repair button in the screen.The software will start to repair the bad MOV file quickly.

Repair Bad MOV File - Home Page

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of repair process,you can view the details like size, duration, frame, etc. of repaired MOV file.It is possible to preview the repaired MOV file before saving it.Then click on the save button.

Repair Bad MOV File - Repair progress screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: Then select the memory location to save the repaired MOV file.Free demo version of the software won’t allow you to save MOV file.You have to purchase the software from the internet.

Repair Bad MOV File - Save Repaired MOV File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen