“I shot a video on my iPhone and it came out in MOV format. I tried to open it in iMovie on Mac OS but it won't open, it's grayed out. I could have shortened it, but do not know how to do it. I need to send the video through email. I have looked for compression freeware tools, but do not know exactly what I need for this. So what is best and free compression tool to compress iPhone MOV files? Also I need to trust that it is safe to download.”

Well, all the requirements asked in this query can be completed by a single tool known as Remo MORE utility. This is, by far, the best tool that can be used to compress MOV video files on iPhone. If you are also looking for a tool like this then you search will definitely end here.

iPhone is a very commonly used devices for calling, capturing images, taking videos, etc. This is because iPhone offers a high quality camera with other advanced features. The videos that you take through iPhone will be of high quality and high quality means more size. So, this results in less memory space problem. Normally every user faces this problem but what is the solution?

The solution is to compress those MOV video files using a reliable tool and what is better than Remo MORE software. You will get to know the qualities of this tool once you try it. The software has a very simple and easy to understand user interface which makes the MOV video compression very easy. It supports all the versions of iPhone, so you need not to worry about the compatibility issues. It is extremely self-descriptive and even a person who is not familiar with technical things, can also operate it without any difficulty and without any help.

The other reason to compress MOV videos on your iPhone is to send them through email. Most email clients have a limit of a certain size which can be sent through it. If your video is more than the allowed size then you will not be able to send it. So, the only option that is remaining is to compress those files using Remo MORE tool. This app reduces the file size by compressing them in one zip file format.

Zip files are less likely to get corrupted, when compared to other file formats; therefore it will be a good decision to compress the files and store them or send them through email. When the user wish to unzip or extract the zipped file content, he / she does not have to use some other app as Remo MORE software provides that option too. Select the zip file and extract the contents; it is as simple as that.

How to compress iPhone MOV files using Remo MORE app?

Step 1 – Download the Remo MORE software and click on “Manage

Compress iPhone MOV files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2 – Now select “Compress File” option

Compress iPhone MOV files - Select Compress File

Fig 2: Select Compress File

Step 3 – Click on “Create Zip

Compress iPhone MOV files - Select Create Zip

Fig 3: Select Create Zip

Step 4 – Provide a name to the zip file

Compress iPhone MOV files - Provide name

Fig 4: Provide name

Step 5 – Add files to the zip file and click on “Compress

Compress iPhone MOV files - Add Files

Fig 5: Add Files

Step 6 – Wait until the tool compresses the selected files

Compress iPhone MOV files - Compressing

Fig 6: Compressing