Canon digital camera is one of the popular camera brands across worldwide in today’s market because of much more stylish and advanced technical features. The main feature of this device is, it records and produces videos in better quality when compared to other brands. Nowadays, apart from photographers normal users also utilize this camera to capture wonderful moments of their life.

Capturing important videos on Canon camera is a great experience. Once you capture video on it, it gets stored in the form of MOV file on the camera SD card. Sometimes, while you are capturing any video on your camera, it may happen that your camera battery becomes low in charge. So you prefer to switch it off, as a result of which the captured MOV file may get corrupted. However, in such instance, you may be in search of best repair tool to fix damaged Canon MOV files on all media gadgets. MOV file Repair tool is one such powerful software that can help you out to fix all your corrupt, damaged or broken MOV files with in less span of time. Before knowing more about this tool, let us discuss the prominent scenarios in which your MOV files get corrupted from Canon camera.

  • Sudden Power Failures: While transferring MOV files or editing MOV video file, if your system gets suddenly shut down, then it causes inappropriate termination of tranfer process from Canon Camera. So, as a result of this, your Canon MOV file gets corrupted or broken and becomes unplayable.
  • Virus intrusion: MOV files may get severely infected from malware by connecting Canon camera to virus infected system or by unknowingly copying MOV files from external storage devices. As a result your MOV files become inaccessible and unable to play.
  • File Structure Corruption: If the file structure of MOV files get damaged or corrupted due to unreliable applications for converting MOV file, header corruption, etc. then the files becomes unresponsive and fails to play on media gadgets.

Other than the above stated causes, there are several other events due to which MOV files gets corrupt like damaged storage media, firmware corruption and presence of bad sectors. Many users feel that once a MOV file gets corrupt or damaged, it can never be repaired back. But, the actual fact is that your corrupt Canon MOV file can be fixed by relying on a third party MOV repair utility like MOV File Repair. This repairing program can efficiently fix corrupted Canon MOV video file just within a fraction of minutes.

How to Repair Corrupt Canon MOV File using MOV File Repair Utility?

MOV Repair File is a highly advanced and efficient application for repairing corrupted Canon MOV file in utmost ease. This proves to be the most reliable Canon MOV file repair tool as the software consists of strong built in algorithms that separates out audio and video streams and then adjoins them to make healthy and playable video. This software has wizard like interface, which gives step by step procedure to repair corrupted Canon MOV videos. Along with MOV, it can also repair video files of different file formats like MP4 files, AVI videos, MPEG, MKV, 3GP,WMV,DIVX, etc. Using this best repair utility, you can repair video file created using various brand of cameras like Sony, Go Pro, Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, etc. It has ability to fix corrupted, damaged or broken MOV files on both Windows and Mac versions like Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows 8, Windows 7, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, etc. It also repairs video files stored in different devices like iPhone, iPod, USB drive, external HDD and more. By making use of this software, you can also mend .mov file not playing audio on your media tools.

Tips to Remember:

  • Avoid sudden removal of Canon camera, while copying MOV files on external devices or system
  • Shouldn’t capture videos on Canon camera when battery charge is low

Guide on how to fix corrupted Canon MOV video file:

Step 1: Download the MOV file repair software and install it on your system. Launch the application and then browse and select the corrupted Canon MOV file by clicking the “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button

Repair Corrupt Canon MOV File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed, it displays a screen with a preview file option where you can view the repaired Canon MOV file.

Repair Corrupt Canon MOV File - Repair Progress Screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: Buy the software and save the repaired Canon MOV file on a secure location.

Repair Corrupt Canon MOV File - Save Repaired MOV File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen