Video files are one of the most entertaining media files which are used by most of us in our daily routine. These videos files may be personal recordings of memorable moments, educational stuff, live shows, movies, etc. Videos files are stored in some storage devices like system hard drive, memory card, external hard drive, memory stick, USB drive, pen drive, etc. Sometimes these video files may get broken due to some known or unknown reasons. In such situation, if you don’t know how to fix broken video files then don’t get worried as you can opt MOV File Repair software which is capable of fixing broken video files with utmost ease.


Reasons behind corruption of video files:

  • Virus may intrude on your system when it is connected to infected device which is having harmful virus. These viruses may spread on your system and corrupt all the files including video files if don’t have good antivirus on your system.
  • The repeated conversion of video file format to other such as AVI to MP4, FLV to MOV, etc. will also result in corruption of video file.
  • The video file which is stored on your system will become unplayable when the media player app is corrupted or damaged due to some issues.
  • When header file of video file is corrupted due to harmful malware or virus infection then it makes the video file inaccessible.
  • When a vide file is stored on bad sector of your system hard drive then it became corrupt or inaccessible and results in broken video files. In such case, you have to fix broken video files to address this issue.
  • Downloading a video file incorrectly or facing errors during the ongoing downloading process will cause the video file to be broken.
  • Transferring of video files from one system to other incorrectly may cause that video file to get corrupted or broken.
  • Improper termination of media player is also results in broken video file.
  • Other reasons like CRC errors, incorrect video editing process, etc. also leads to corruption of video files.

Things to Remember:

  • Use good download manager app to prevent video file corruption due to broken downloading of video file.
  • Avoid recording video files with low battery on gadgets.
  • Use good antivirus program to remove harmful virus or malware causing video file corruption.
  • Use UPS on your system to avoid corruption of video file which occur due to power failure.

Features of MOV File Repair Software:

  • This software provides free preview feature to viewing the fixed broken video file before saving it to the desired location.
  • It also provides you a Save Recovery Session which saves your valuable time and avoids rescanning of the drive in future.
  • This software has the ability to fix video files of different format such as AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc. recorded on various digital camera brands such as Sony, Samsung, Kodak, Canon, Casio, Fujifilm, Panasonic, etc.
  • Demo version of the tool is available free of cost so you can evaluate the efficiency and functionalities of this fixing software before buying the full version of the software.
  • Using this software, you can also fix error 2048 MOV file within few mouse clicks.
  • The graphical interface of this tool is user-friendly where users will not find any difficulties during the repairing process.
  • It also supports repairing of MOV file on Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, etc.
  • The software can fix audio and video stream separately and later adjoins them together to make them healthy playable video file.

Steps to Know How to Fix Broken Video Files:

Step 1: Download and install MOV File Repair software on your system and launch it. Browse for the broken video files and then click on "Repair" button as

How To Fix Broken Video Files - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Repairing process will be started once you click on repair.

Fixing Broken Video Files - Repairing Process

Figure 2: Repairing Process

Step 3: Once the repairing process is over, you can save the repaired video file on the desired location.

Fix Broken Video Files- Save File

Figure 3: Save Video