Is your MP4 video file got corrupted or damaged and you are not able to play it on your media player? If it is true then no need to worry at all because by using an effective repair tool you can easily repair MP4 file and also be able play it on any of the media player. To get such an effective tool to repair corrupt MP4 file, you need to refer this page.

MP4 is a video file format which is known for delivering high clarity audio and video output. It is large file that requires more storage space when compared to other video files. This file can be played even on multimedia mobile phones. These MP4 files might get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons such as file header corruption, virus infection, unsupported media player, interruption while playing or downloading the file and many more. In such cases you need to know how to fix damaged MP4 file.

If your MP4 file corrupted due to any of these scenarios, then you won’t be able to play it or you will get an error message when you try to play or open it. So to view or play your MP4 file again, you need use an effective tool named as MP4 Video File Repair Software. This software can also act as QuickTime repair tool in order to repair QuickTime files on Windows 7 systems.

You need to know how to repair mp4 file due to following reasons

  • File Header Corruption: File header contains all the Meta information of the MP4 file and if it gets corrupted then your MPG file becomes unplayable.
  • Virus Infection: Virus is a program that when enters into the system, it starts corrupting the files even including MP4 files. If the MP4 file gets corrupted then it won’t get opened instead you will get an error message that the file is corrupted.
  • Interruption: When playing MP4 file or when downloading it an interruption like sudden system shutdown or power surge may lead to corrupt your MP4 file.
  • Unsupported Media Player: If you try to play your MP4 file in any of the unauthorized or unsupported media player then your MP4 file may get corrupt.

There are even more reasons such as use of third party tool, physical damage in storage media, incomplete file transfer, changing file format, etc. Whatever, the scenario due to which your MP4 file gets corrupted but by using MP4 video file repair software you can very easily fix MP4 file and the repaired movie file can be played on any of the media player. This advanced MP4 file repair tool can also be used to repair DSLR MOV file in a short span of time.

Features of MP4 video file repair software

MP4 video file repair software is an excellent tool that can be used for MP4 file repair in an effective way. MP4 file repair can be done in a very secure way. This has been designed with strong repairing algorithm that can very effectively works to fix unplayable MP4 video file. The process of MP4 file repair can be done even by non technical person due to its simple user friendly interface.

This tool works very effectively to repair damaged MOV files, AVI files, and other video files. It has been provided with many advanced features to repair MP4 movie file which is not getting opened or corrupted due to various reasons. You can even utilize this ultimate software to repair movie file of MP4 format on both Windows and Mac OS based computers. With the “Preview” option you can view the repaired files before storing them back on your system.

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Steps to know how to repair MP4 file:

Step 1: Download the application and install it on your PC. Run the software then browse and select the corrupted or damaged MP4 file by clicking the “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button as mentioned in the below figure to fix MP4 file.

Mp4 File Repair - Home Page

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the MP4 file repair process completes, it displays a window with a preview file option to preview the repaired MP4 file.

MP4 File Repair Tool - Repair progress screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: Buy the software and save the fixed MP4 video file on a secure location.

MP4 File Repair Software - Save Repaired MOV File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen