MOV is a well known video file format developed by Apple computer for Quick Time player that uses advanced compression mechanism. Even though the default player for MOV file is Quick Time player, it works with other media players as well on Mac OS X. MOV file format allows easy streaming and downloading over the internet on MacBook Air as it is in the compressed form. Many digital camera brands use .mov file format to save the recorded video files.

Couple of day’s back you have recorded video of a seminar, in which lot of useful information is being shared. Few of your friends wanted the same video so you decided to send the recorded video file to your friends MacBook Air computer, the MOV file is too large to send. You have finally decided to convert the file into a different format, but unfortunately during conversion your system went for a restart due to an unknown reason. After restart you couldn’t play the MOV video in Quick Time player. You found that some part of the file went missing and the original MOV file also has the same problem. How to repair truncated MOV on MacBook Air? So that the MOV file will be back to its original condition.

Scenarios leading to MOV file truncation:

  • Fragmentation: MOV file may get corrupted because of fragmentation on system hard drive. Using third party tools to recover lost MOV files at times may lead to MOV file corruption and thereby makes the file unplayable. The reason behind this is when the fragments of the MOV file is not continuous and the file is not properly recovered.
  • Camcorder issue: If the camcorder which you are using to record the video is low on battery during recording this will lead to truncation of the MOV file.

Other possible causes for truncation or corruption of the MOV file includes virus infiltrations, power fluctuations while using the file, incomplete download, MOV file transfer interruption, etc. It’s inacceptable for all to lose MOV files due to any reason; fortunately it’s easy to repair truncated MOV on MacBook Air by using an effective MOV file repair tool. MOV file repair tool is the perfect tool to fix truncated and corrupted MOV files on MacBook Air.

MOV File Repair software helps you to successfully repair truncated MOV on MacBook Air. The application makes use of advanced scanning algorithm that helps to fix truncated MOV file on MacBook Air. MOV File Repair is a read only application, which never makes any manipulation on the original file; it reads the truncated MOV file and creates a new file after repairing. Besides MOV file repair this tool also helps to repair truncated or corrupted MP4, FLV, DAT, M4V, AVI and other file formats on MacBook PC’s.

Features of MOV File Repair utility:

  • This tool helps in faster repairing of truncated or corrupted MOV files on MacBook Air of various versions of Mac OS’s.
  • With the help of this tool you can also repair truncated or corrupted MOV files on memory card, USB pen drive, external hard disk and other storage devices.
  • By using this tool you can also fix corrupted MOV files on MacBook Pro, MacBook mini, iMac and other Mac PC's
  • This application also allows you to fix corrupted MOV files from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm and various other camcorders.
  • The tool comes with an effective & simple graphical user interface that helps you in fixing MOV file on MacBook Air in short span of time.
  • The application separates out audio/video streams and adjoins them again to produce healthy playable video file without modifying the source code of source files.
  • Besides repairing MOV files, you can utilize this program to repair MP4 video files that are not playable on QuickTime as well as other media player on various Mac brands.

Steps for repairing truncated MOV file on MacBook Air:

Step 1: Download and install the MOV File Repair application on your MacBook Air. Launch the software manually by clicking on its icon. Browse and select the MOV file and click on “Repair” button for repairing MOV file on MacBook Air.

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The repair process is performed and provides you with a new fixed file and a preview option. Preview the file to check its working.

Fig 2: Preview Option

Step 3: Purchase the product and save the repaired MOV file on MacBook Air or in some other portable storage media.

Fig 3: Save Option