The MOV files are the most familiar when we talk about movies. They are played on the system if there is an installed QuickTime player. This player is compatible to play most of the file formats in videos. Since QuickTime was developed and launched by Apple they are supported to play on Mac computers during earlier times. But due to its popularity and a large number of Windows users, it was developed for Windows as well . They are a versatile and comprehensive player that can play files like audio, graphics, text, animations etc.

They combine the video and audio streams and play them with a perfect synchronization. The sound and clarity of the picture are high when the files are played on QuickTime player. Sometimes when there any data disaster events it may damage your MOV files and make them unsynchronized. While playing such videos you get frustrated since either the audio will not be working or the video. Do you freak at its condition since its one of the most wonderful video you ever had? Do you have a question how do I fix an out of sync movie? Then you are in a right place to fix and resume the video to the normal state without any harm to the system. Wondering how this can be possible then just read on to know how to fix out of sync movies.

Issues concerned with out of Sync MOV files:

Video compression using inappropriate software: While working on your computer you may come across various conditions where there is a need for extra space. Eventually, your mind tells you to compress the video files in order to get some space. During such times if you use an irrelevant software to compress them then there a bad news for you that is a MOV file damage. Such software alters the file structure of the video and damages them. In scenario can also lead to corruption of Cycorder MOV file. During such event check to fix Cycorder MOV file.

Power Fluctuations: Power surges are the major problem faced while using the computer. We face this problem at certain times while playing the MOV file or transferring them from one location to another. Such interruptions cause MOV damage and make them unplayable. Hence, to avoid such accidents you have to use a UPS system

Codec errors: All the media players have codecs that support to play video files of certain extensions. Codec are programs that are embedded in the QuickTime player. If a codec is corrupted then it can lead to damage of MOV file. Gradually, you might think a query How do I fix an out of sync movie?

Easily fix out of sync movie files

Repair MOV file is the best repair software that is being used by a large number of users facing an out of sync files. It can separate your video and audio streams and detect for damage in both streams and fix out of sync movies. The original file is scanned for the damage and the fixed healthy file can be stored on new location. It also provides an option to preview the video after the repair.

The Repair MOV utility can be easily installed on your computer and you’re out of sync MOV file can be repaired in a few mouse clicks. It can also fix broken MOV video on all latest Windows and Mac operating system. It also provides an option to save the healthy video in a new location. If you are encountering some weird errors after recovering deleted or lost MOV files using some recovery software then it indicates that either the recovery software is unreliable or the process you followed was wrong. In such circumstances, no need to worry as you can use this tool to repair MOV file after recovery.

If the header file of MOV gets corrupted, then all your favorite MOV videos can become inaccessible and your media player will not be able to play the file. This software can also repair MOV file header with utmost ease.

If you are unable to open or access your MP4 video file on any of the media players due to corruption, then you no need to worry at all because by using MOV File Repair Tool you can easily repair the corrupt MP4 file. To know how to repair corrupt MP4 file you can go to the following link:

Steps to repair out of sync MOV files:

Step 1: Run the MOV File Repair software on your PC. Now browse and select the damaged QuickTime file as well a healthy file as a reference. Click on the “Repair” to fix out of sync movies

How do I fix an out of sync movie- Home Page

Fig A: Home Page

Step 2: The software starts to fix the input file. Upon completion, it displays a success status of repair along with a preview option. You can click it to preview the repaired video

How do I fix an out of sync movie - Preview Repaired Video

Fig B: Preview Video Screen

Step 3: After the preview you can save the file to any new location by clicking the Save option

How do I fix an out of sync movie- Quicktime File Preview

Fig C: Save Video Screen