Today, QuickTime application is liked by most of the users around the world since it offers high quality video and audio broadcasting. They are fully fledged with codec’s that supports to play a wide variety of formats. Presently you can find people who want to watch a movie and get a relaxation after their really busy week schedule. Hence, with the assistance of such a player they can download MOV file format movies and watch them on their personal computer. This player support installation on both Mac and Windows computer. But in case of Mac they are a part of operating system installation itself, but in Windows they have to install as a third party tool. When it plays video, it offers a better clarity of MOV videos.

Think of an event wherein you borrowed your favorite MOV movie file into your pen drive and you plug the pen drive your system without knowing the fact that the system is being infected by virus. It rapidly spread to your pen drive and started causing its malicious behavior. When you selected the MOV file on your system and try to play it, suddenly for your surprise, the operating system started displaying an error “File can’t be recognized” or “Unrecognized video file”. Such files are generally displayed when you try to play an unsupported file on your player. What will you usually do in this instance? Most of them ignore such severe damage and instead go to download the fresh video again. Doing this you are just complicating that task and you may not know that the file you download will be healthy or corrupted. Hence, avoid all these alternatives and know how to repair damaged .mov videos by using the repair tools such as Damaged MOV Repair. This tool can fix all the problems related to your MOV files in just few minutes of time. Sometimes, Cycorder MOV file may gets corrupted due to some common reasons. If that is the case, then Click to know how to repair damaged .mov file recorder using Cycorder.

What are the reasons that cause damage of MOV files?

Antivirus scan: You have different varieties of software market specially designed to get your work done in a better and easy manner. One among them is antivirus. They are developed to detect and delete all the malicious threats before they get into the system. The virus is scanned and deleted with the help the antivirus. But when the MOV video gets infected with these threats, and when you scan files with this software it alters the file structure and damages them.

Loose connection in power lines: For the system to work constantly there should not be any loose connection in the power lines . At certain times even though the wiring in done well there are accidents wherein a user pulls out the plug connection without his knowledge. Such interruption while playing MOV file can damage and make them inaccessible to the users . Click Here to get details about how to fix broken MOV files

Downloading harmful attachments: Today there are thousands of sites available from where a user can download their favorite videos. Generally such file contains harmful programs that can cause damage when downloaded on the system . When such videos are played with the help of a QuickTime player they prompt an error

Damaged MOV Repair is built in with the strong programs that can explain you how to repair damaged .mov video files by scanning your corrupted MOV files to find the root cause of the damage and fix those video files in an effective manner. If you are a Windows 7 user then just go to the link to repair damaged mov video on Windows 7 operating system. It is built with a special feature called “Preview” which can help to view the content of the fixed video before restoration. Due to some or the other reason, the videos may lag behind the audio in the MOV files. In that situation, you can carry out video lag fix on Mac machines and Windows systems using this program. With the help of this tool you can repair no audio in MOV file with a great ease.       

Videos having extensions like .mov, .mpeg, .mp4 etc can be repaired effectively with this software. You can also repair recovered MOV file, which is corrupted after recovery using unreliable software. You can download the demo version of this software from this page and repair damaged mov video easily. This software assists you to fix out of sync video file and play them in its original form. It also enables you to store the fixed file on a new location. With the help of this software, you can also know about repairing digital video Mac where, digital video is audio/visual in a binary format.

Steps that explains how to repair damaged .mov files:

Step 1: Download the application and install it on your PC repair damaged mov video. Run the software then browse and select the damaged MOV file by clicking the “Browse” option and click on “Repair” button to repair damaged mov as mentioned in the below figure.

How to repair damaged .mov- Home Page

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process completes it displays a window with a preview file option preview the repaired MOV file

How to repair damaged .mov - Repair progress screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: Buy the software and save the fixed video file on a secure location.

How to repair damaged .mov - Save Repaired MOV File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen