Have you come across some videos while browsing internet. Basically they are MOV format files that can play and viewed on QuickTime player. With QuickTime you can enjoy watching any video with the best quality. The simple and user friendly interface makes the played video even more enjoyable. With this application you will be able to edit your videos and convert them to some other formats. You can create your own customized video with the help of a camera using this application.

During the launch of QuickTime it supported only Mac systems. On the later stage Apple contracted the Company and this application brought up MOV file player for Windows operating system too. While MOV files are stored and played on the system they undergo damage. The reason might be an error in the software or due to a natural disaster like a power surge. The MOV files get broken and they refuse to play. In such situation if you have a backup then don’t have to worry. But what in case you don’t have a backup? In such instance the only left option is finding for repair software that can fix your broken MOV files. This software is also capable of repairing truncated .mov files with ease.

Let’s walk through some of the data corruption reasons:

MOV header corruption: All the files have two major parts one is the header and the other body. Generally, the header holds all the details about the MOV file like location, last modification time, file extension and other additional information and the body holds that data content. When a video is played on your player, the operating system first checks and verifies the header and then plays the file for you. But if the header gets corrupted by a power failure, virus attack then the file cannot be played anymore

CRC errors: Today all finds way to relax by watching a movie. Due to the development in the technology they can download and watch their videos downloading from the internet. Basically, movies have very large file size and hence take longer time to download. In between the download if the process gets interrupted then you may receive a CRC error due to the data mismatch. Such errors corrupts the data on MOV

Malware attack: Virus is the malicious programs and have been considered as the main cause for damage of data. When a virus gets into the system they infect the MOV files making them unplayable. They destroy the header and body as well. In such case this MOV file may go out of sync. Using this software, you can also know how do I fix an out of sync movie within few mouse clicks.

Fix Broken MOV tool is equipped with all the basic and advanced technologies and features that can help you repair all the problems relating to MOV damage. With the guidance of this software you can fix MOV on Windows 7 and other latest versions. It shows you a real time preview of your repaired files and saves them on a desired location.

It can be easily installed on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion versions. However severe the damage might be this software always offers a helping hand to fix them without causing any harm to the system. Using this software, you can also know how to repair damaged .mov with ease.

Note: With the help of this software you can also fix broken video files such as MOV, AVI, MP4, etc. on all major versions of Windows OS.

Steps to repair broken MOV video:

Step 1: Download the Fix Broken MOV from the site and install it on your Macintosh system. Launch the software by manually clicking on it. Browse and select the damaged MOV file and click on “Repair” button.

How to fix broken MOV files- Home Page

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: The repair process is performed and provides you with a new fixed file and a preview option. Preview the file to check its working.

How to fix broken MOV files - Preview MOV screen

Fig B: Preview MOV video Screen

Step 3: Purchase the product and save the fixed MOV file on a new location of your storage media.

How to fix broken MOV files - Save MOV File Screen

Fig B: Save fixed MOV file Screen