In the year 2009 a new version of Windows operating system was launched i.e. Windows 7. It had a very attractive user interface that can help users operate them very easily. The latest touch screen features are provided in the form of “Windows Touch” which brought about the popularity of Windows 7 when it was launched. They constitute multimedia features like “Play To” which helps in streaming of video and audio files within the same home group and also contain features like “Home Group” makes it easy to share files between computers. It was previously codenamed has “Vienna” and “Blackcomb”.

QuickTime is a most familiarly used operating system multimedia player for all Windows and Mac operating system. Windows 7 users download this player to view their favorite MOV videos stored on their system. When they are played on such computers you may encounter different scenarios that damaged your QuickTime files. When files get corrupted they can be no more played on your system. If the corrupted MOV video was important for you then what will you do? There is only one way to get them fixed which can happen with the repair tools. Read here to get more information regarding this repair tool. You can also find more information on how to repair truncated .mov files by visiting at -

Reasons for MOV damage on Windows 7:

Interruption in transfers: At certain times you may need to transfer your MOV files from one location to another. Think of a case wherein you are transferring a large movie file and it takes a lot of time for its completion. In between this a sudden shut down occurred that switched off your Windows 7 system. On restarting you may find that the MOV file has been damaged due to alteration the file structure.

Playing a video in incompatible player: MOV video files can be played on only certain supporting media players. Some users without this knowledge try to play the movie files with other unsupported players which can cause corruption of MOV files since the player attempts to alter its structure.

Storing a QuickTime video in logically damaged device: As a storage device gets used continuously the get worn out with time. When you store the MOV files on such logically damage device it causes damage to the MOV files as well and make them inaccessible.

Windows 7 QuickTime File Repair is a proficient and accurate tool that can fix any issues with MOV files on your Windows 7 computer and store the fixed file in a new location. You can View Here to retrieve details about damaged MOV repair. It has a capability to repair QuickTime file for bringing the file back to its original healthy condition. It can also display the repaired file before saving them. Navigate to link to fix out of sync video files

It needs only 50 MB space of your system hard drive to install and perform a repair. Download the demo version of this software and try fixing the MOV file with any severe damage. You will come out with a best result by fixing broken MOV files. This software not only fix corrupt QuickTime movie file on Windows and make them playable, it also helps you to repair digital video files on Mac Operating Systems.

Even the tool can fix several errors while opening the MOV file on media player, for example, this software can repair MOV file error 2048, unplayable MOV file and many more. As explained, MOV files on Windows 7 may get corrupted due to various reasons. However, no matter whatever may be the reason for corruption of QuickTime MOV files on Windows 7 Operating System, this software has designed with strong algorithms that guides you on how to repair QuickTime file on Windows 7. This software not only supports Windows 7 and Mac Operating Systems, it is also possible to repair MOV on PC with different versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest version Windows 8.

Steps to repair QuickTime video:

Step 1: Install Windows 7 QuickTime Repair tool on your Windows or Mac PC by downloading the software from this page. Launch it after the installation and when home screen is displayed browse and select the damaged QuickTime video clip and select “Repair”

Repair QuickTime on Windows 7 - Home Page

Fig A: Home Screen

Step 2: After selecting the software performs a fixing and displays a screen with a preview option. Preview the video to make sure that entire video is repaired without any hurdles

How to Repair QuickTime on Windows 7? - Quicktime File Preview

Fig B: Preview QuickTime File Screen

Step 3: After the preview buy this software online and save the file back to your system by clicking on “Save” button

Repairing QuickTime on Windows 7- Save Quicktime File

Fig C: Save QuickTime Video Screen